We are a very small community; in our environment we can accommodate  12 children with a  1:6 ratio.

Our current families have the priority to enroll the younger siblings, after this if any spaces are available, we will start our waiting list.  With the understanding that consistency and continuity are vital to young children’s optimal development, admissions are given to families whose intention is to remain with Bamboo Montessori for the full three year Montessori cycle which includes the Kindergarten year.

Enrollment Process.

a) Tour.

Families start by contacting  Bamboo Montessori to arrange a tour. The first tour is for parents only (babes in arms okay)and are in the afternoons because in the mornings we are dedicated to our children. The tour generally last about 45 minutes and are typically offered during the week  between  3.15  to 4.00 pm.

b) After the tour we schedule an Observation, that means the parents come when the children are present in the morning to see the classroom in action (tipically from 9.00 to 9.45 am.) Monday thru Thursday.

After deciding Bamboo Montessori is the best fit for your family a $250 registration fee is submitted to hold your spot along with all the documentation if your child has a spot we will contact you and then we will cash the registration check.

Then we will set up an Orientation Day with you and your child to visit the class  for about an 45 minutes in which you are welcome to stay.


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