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Bamboo Montessori is a Bilingual (English/Spanish) year round preschool in Vancouver Washington.

Our class can welcome a maximum of 12 children with one teacher to every six children.

We offer an enriched environment where we respond to each child’s uniqueness with love, compassion and respect. Our everyday activities, which integrate Spanish, are based on Dr. Montessori’s philosophy. We encourage the children to develop their maximum potential so that they can be agents for positive change in the world.

We strongly encourage parents to start their child’s Montessori education as early as two and a half years old.  Learning a language comes naturally to children. By giving our children the opportunity to learn another language at this age, we are offering them a future with more possibilities

What makes Bamboo unique?

OUR three key elements

In the Montessori classroom children can move, touch, manipulate and explore, therefore facilitating maximum independent learning. Having children of all different ages together allows the younger students to learn from the older ones and older students have the opportunity to lead.

The classroom environment is composed of five academic areas: Practical life, Sensory perception, Language, Geography, and Science/Math. Cooking, gardening, music and yoga are also a part of our daily life.

A typical Montessori classroom offers opportunities for independence and natural spontaneous exploration while fostering social, emotional, and academic development. The classroom becomes a place of harmony where children are treated with respect and courtesy while they learn to solve problems on their own.

The Spanish Language will be integrated in each lesson every day. The class will be mostly in Spanish, so that children can begin to understand every aspect of the language in an immersed setting. When the language is interwoven into day-to-day activities, it becomes second nature, rather than a formal transition to “switch” to learning Spanish. The children will also learn Spanish through games, songs, music, art projects and gardening.

For children, there is a “window of opportunity” that occurs between birth and 10 years old. During this period the likelihood of developing higher levels of language proficiency in a second language is far greater. Bamboo Montessori recognizes and fosters this sensitive period.

At Bamboo we aim to build a Christ-centered community. Each month, we will highlight one human value, such as honesty, compassion, kindness, or respect. This value will be reinforced throughout the month.

Bamboo does not discriminate against race, color, nationality, ethnicity, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, class, age, or religion.


Montessori program

Practical life


Practical life exercises teach children to care for themselves, others, and for the environment.

These activities include some of the daily routines the child has already observed at home: watering the plants, preparing food, taking care of the animals, washing dishes etc.

Practical life activities, will also develop and refine social skills. These skills build self-esteem, determination and independence.

Sensory perception


Sensorial materials are designed to develop cognitive skills and allow the child to identify differences, specific qualities,  similarities and contrasts.

The child then must think, organize, compare, classify and draw conclusions. These exercises are also the foundation for learning math.


The Montessori classroom is rich in oral language opportunities, allowing the child to experience conversation, music, and stories.

Children effortlessly associate sound to symbol while tracing sandpaper letters with their fingers. This fosters a natural progression to written expression and reading skills. There are several games we play that enhance sound awareness and language development, which makes the process enjoyable.

Our students will learn Spanish the same way they learned English by listening and watching and adult. Our bilingual native Spanish speaker teacher will will only talk in English for  safety reasons.



Mathematical activities help children learn and understand the concepts of math by experimenting with concrete materials. This method helps children acquire a solid understanding of basic mathematical principles, and prepares them for future abstract reasoning.

In the classroom we use hands-on learning materials that make abstract concepts clear and concrete. Every operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) is explored in the classroom gradually, and always at the pace of each child.



The Montessori curriculum is rich in opportunities to connect the child to his/her world, and make them feel an important part of it.

In this area the children will learn something different about botany, zoology and geography every month; for example, the parts of an ant, the life cycle of a frog or the continents of the world.

In our classroom art and music are always present, giving the children the opportunity to enjoy creative activities, and to unfold their imagination.



Gardening provides different forms of engagement for children, including designing, planting, and maintaining gardens.

They will also be able to harvest, prepare and share their food; Working cooperatively in groups and creating art and stories inspired by their gardens, they will be learning about science and nutrition.



Cooking helps children feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. By trusting them with this important task, they feel responsible. Also cooking is one of the best ways to show kids that reading offers tangible results.

Math and chemistry are applied at the same time. Another benefit is that it makes them more willing to try new foods.



Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that’s noncompetitive.

Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.


Alejandra Paz


Alejandra Paz

Lead Teacher

Alejandra Paz was born and raised in Mexico. She got her Master’s degree in finance and worked in the banking industry until she became a full time mom in 2004. She moved to Vancouver in 2005 and fell in love with the area. She learned about Montessori while looking for a Preschool for her oldest son and got so passionate about it that she earned her teaching degree from AMS and started working in a preschool classroom.

Sandra Luz Delgado

Native Speaker Asistant

Hailey Luna

Native Speaker Asistant


At Bamboo Montessori we offer more than a day care.

We offer a learning environment to foster your child’s creativity, emotional wellbeing, and intellect.

  • Monthly Tuition
    $1,475 dls
  • We only offer a five full day program Monday thru Friday from 8:30 to 4:00 pm.
  • Annual Registration/material Fee $250 dls
  • Annual Snack Fee $375 dls
  • Summer is six weeks starting on the first Monday after 4th of July
    Two payments of $940 dls (1st and 3rd week)
    Summer materials $100 dls
    $800 Deposit to hold spot in Program for 3-year Enrollment Cycle; this is refundable upon completion of  Primary program and can be deducted from the last month’s tuition installment.
    *Please note that primary tuition is based on an annual agreement that is divided into 10 payments (Sept thru June); therefore, monthly installments are not prorated or adjusted based on days of attendance.*

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Bamboo Montessori strives to become a school where all children and families are welcome, feel welcome, and see themselves reflected here. We work intentionally to nourish a child’s development.

Generally, Bamboo Montessori is not equipped outright nor licensed to care for children with disabilities requiring specialized equipment or one-on-one aides; therefore any such care is conditional upon the family and staff properly arranging for the child’s needs to be met. It is the goal for each child to be able to participate in and substantially benefit from this Montessori program without risk to themselves or other children. Bamboo Montessori reserves the right to limit entrance to the program or ask that a child be unenrolled from the program after a trial period, based on whether or not we have or can successfully access and implement the tools and strategies to best support a child’s needs, or whether we’ve been able to successfully collaborate with a family and/or a child’s outside support professionals to get the child’s needs met.

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    15410 NE 99th St, Vancouver, WA 98682, United States


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    Alejandra Fuller
    Alejandra Fuller
    18:23 05 Apr 21
    I was looking for a bilingual school to send my daughter to because Spanish is my first language. My daughter started in March of 2020. She had a bit of a rough start because of the language. She was... very shy and a bit insecure at the beginning. Fast forward a year later, she is so confident, and no longer shy. She is more fluent in Spanish and her passion for learning had increased. We have seen a huge difference not just in academic but mostly in her social skills. Alejandra, and all the teachers cater to each child's needs. They care, they invest time and with lots of love and patience help each child grow. This is NOT a daycare. This is an actual school that will teach your child not just their basics but will empower them to grow and be the best version of themselves. I could not ask for more. There is not better feeling as a parent, dropping your child off knowing they are safe and cared for. I recommend this school to everybody! The Montessori way is not just for the children, it has become a life style for the whole family to benefit from.read more
    Sita Symonette
    Sita Symonette
    19:50 25 Sep 20
    Bamboo Montessori Preschool is such a wonderful place! Our child has been attending Bamboo for a year. We are so happy with all of the positive life skills that she learns there and for her Spanish... language development. Alejandra and the other teachers have so much compassion for all the children and they are experts at their craft of creating a joyful and positive learning environment for all students. We feel so lucky to be part of the Bamboo family and to know our child is going to be taken care of and learn valuable skills when we leave them in Bamboo Montessori's care.read more
    Shawn Lee
    Shawn Lee
    20:54 05 Sep 20
    Our daughter started at Bamboo Montessori in March 2020 and we are so glad we enrolled her. Alejandra and her staff have been fabulous and we feel they care so greatly for the kids. Our daughter has... learned so much and it’s so great to see her flourish with the friends she has made. And it’s icing on the cake that she is learning Spanish! It’s great to be part of the Bamboo family.read more
    Jared Perez
    Jared Perez
    21:09 31 Aug 20
    We are now in our fourth year at Bamboo with our 2nd child in kindergarten and our 3rd child entering his first full year. Our 1st child completed three years here and is now in 2nd grade at another... Montessori. With no pressure or expectations on our part, she graduated Bamboo reading at a 3rd grade level! So I can say without a doubt that we love this place and all it has to offer. We have seen how Alejandra and her wonderful staff adapted to each child fostering their strengths by giving them a space that is full of love and attention. The daily routine is well balanced with free play time outdoors and guided learning indoors. In between all that is extensive opportunities to learn how to work with others teaching grace, courtesy and most importantly inclusion.Alejandra has a passion for the development of the child like no other. She sees the potential in each child and by the time they leave the school they have developed into a well rounded child ready to take on first grade and beyond often times ahead of their peers. The instruction in Spanish is a bonus for us since we already love and believe in the Montessori method. If you're looking for a wonderful community to have your child(ren) grow in, look no further.read more
    Kate Fernald
    Kate Fernald
    23:59 26 Jan 20
    Mrs. Paz and Ms. Sandra propel my children above and beyond anything I could ever have given them myself - and I'm a teacher with a Master's degree, so I feel like that's saying something.... Intentionally doing what is best for each child is the norm here. They set individual expectations and goals with each child, and they are high expectations, but not unattainably so. Then, they support the children through scaffolding, encouragement, modeling, observing and child-led experimenting until the children have the breakthrough moment where they make the discovery themselves. As a result, the children develop long, deep periods of concentration, they grow their belief in themselves and their own capabilities, and they build resiliency.But, top-notch academics are not all that make this school wonderful. It is also the most safe, loving, inclusive and supportive classroom I've ever entered. Kindness and respect rule the day, which results in children who are kind and respectful to one another and themselves.Personally speaking, I watched my son enter this classroom at 3 as a shy, attached, hesitant boy who struggled to challenge himself and to concentrate for long. Now, at 5, I bear witness to a confident little boy who possesses an unprecedented self control, unyielding determination, and a love for helping others. It is because of Bamboo Montessori and the tirelessly hard work of Mrs. Paz and Ms. Sandra that my son developed the way he did.We owe these ladies everything for giving us a brighter future with the work they do each day with these beautiful children who will go on to lead the world. Truly, an education at Bamboo Montessori is a priceless gift for which we will always be grateful.read more
    Kinsey Murray
    Kinsey Murray
    22:26 10 Sep 19
    Bamboo Montessori is what I was looking for because they are community minded, Montessori, have strong communication with families, professional & accountable, and second language immersion learning.... As a teacher, I was looking for a preschool that implemented best practices and supports the kids individuality. My son is gifted and needed to be academically challenged... Montessori activities, learning Spanish, and how to be a compassionate citizen was a great fit. My son is 4, reading and writing in English and Spanish. Alejandra and Sandra care about the kids like they are their own. They will do what is best for the child including communication with the families... Because it takes a village. Their reviews of each child are individualized and in depth. The teachers are always up-to-date by doing early learning research and professional development with child specialists (behavioral, cognitive, social). They are very professional and intentionally plan ahead for the needs of the students while allowing flexibility for student interests. Alejandra always gives me great advice with specific tips but is very open and responsive to our families diverse needs. It is refreshing to find an educational preschool that focuses on life-skills and actually implements best practice while coaching families to be the other pillar holding the child up for opportunity. My son has built many lifelong skills here in addition to a second language! I highly recommend Bamboo Montessori.read more
    lisa chan
    lisa chan
    05:49 16 Nov 18
    We are very fortunate to have our daughter attend Bamboo Montessori. She has grown to become more independent, sociable, caring, and thoughtful about the people around her. Alejandra and Sandra are... true educators who want the best for the kids. They are passionate, caring, and loving teachers. They tailor their teachings to each individual child’s need, and the kids reading, writing and math are way above the average of all other schools. The Spanish immersion is invaluable, and I have never seen a school where the teachers are obsessed about cleanliness, hand washing, and sanitize everything at the end of the day. The Montessori method really makes an impact on these kids lives, not only do they teach them grace, courtesy and kindness, the kids have so much fun working independently when indoors, but also get to see the plant life cycles from seeds to harvest in the garden. We moved away from Vancouver, and trust me I contemplated driving 3 hours each day just to have her go to this school. This is one of the hardest preschool to get into, and there is a reason for it, because Alejandra and Sandra are truly wonderful teachers. I would give them 10 stars if I could. We love them!read more
    Dane Andersen
    Dane Andersen
    19:09 06 Aug 18
    We feel very fortunate and grateful for our time at Bamboo Montessori. Our daughter has completed her three years there and our son has completed one. We are amazed with Mrs. Alejandra Paz and Ms.... Sandra. They love and are passionate about what they do. We feel great about sending the kids there because they truly care for them.Our daughter speaks Spanish very well. Her comprehension is amazing and she can carry on a conversation easily. Furthermore, the Montessori aspect has been wonderful, both for our kids and for us as parents. We were originally just looking for a bilingual program and didn't know much about Montessori programs. You will not find another person as dedicated as Alejandra to ensuring the proper development of the children while following the Montessori way. She is the real deal and puts everything into providing them with the best education, including teaching them independence, respect, emotional expression, etc. What makes us sad is that the program ends after kindergarten. We would stay longer if we could.Bamboo Montessori is the best of both worlds if you are looking for a bilingual immersion program or a Montessori program. We have all loved it and it has truly blessed our family.read more
    mike sermone
    mike sermone
    19:11 16 Jul 18
    My son started at Bamboo in the fall of 2016. The growth of both his knowledge and confidence has been in incredible, and it's all due to Alejandra and her staff. You will not find a more... passionate and committed person. I know that her impact will be felt for the rest of his life and I'm very sad that we are moving on. Thank you Alejandra!read more
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